The L&A Story

Lisa and Allison met on Tinder in November 2017 and discovered an immediate connection. 


A few short months later in February 2018, they formed a business together, L&A Visionary Creations. 
Lisa, the "L" in L&A is a Southern California girl through and through.  She has an eye for fashion and accessories, especially beautiful jewelry.  She loves the Ocean and everything about the California coast.  Lisa manages design, production, sourcing and sales for L&A.  Lisa has been involved in the fashion industry since she was a teenager, mostly in sales, marketing and consulting for independent clothing, jewelry and accessory designers. 


Allison is the A in L&A, a former city girl, born and raised on the South Side of Chicago.  Allison is an entrepreneur with a background in finance and accounting.


We’ve found that we compliment one another’s strengths and perfectly balance our fashion business between style and solid business management.
Our jewelry line is a blend of classically designed handmade semi-precious stone necklaces, earrings and bracelets.
Lisa designs the collection with function in mind, allowing for a single piece of jewelry to be worn as a bracelet or two different style necklaces. 


Lisa loves to mix and match stones and chain combinations. 
She likes to create jewelry pieces that can be worn together for layering or on their own. 


We also have removable pendants so that you can use the same chain with multiple pendants, which brings more variety to your jewelry collection.
We believe that all things are made up of energy and with that all things have their own vibration.  Most of the stones we use in our jewelry are natural elements with their own vibrations and energy.  Check out our guide in the Menu - About Our Jewelry to learn about the energy and vibrations of the stones we use in our collection.  
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