Healing Charm Bracelet

Healing Charm Bracelet

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Gold chain bracelet with smoky quartz, rose quartz and amethyst

Smoky Quartz is a great stone for grounding.  Said to be linked with the healing vibrations of the Earth, this stone also amplifies the energy of all the other stones around it.  Known to be a powerful cleanser and detoxifier, it’s an important stone in our healing collection.

Rose Quartz is a stone of the heart.  This stone has the high energy of quartz but with a powerful feminine energy.  This stone fosters soothing and calming, focusing on the heart chakra to help manage emotions during the healing process. 

Rounding out the stones in our healing collection is Amethyst.  This stone is known as a protective stone, a master crystal in terms of spirituality.  This stone is a wonderful combination of healing and calming. 

The combination of these stones in our Healing Collection balances the healing, calming and nurturing of the mind, body and soul.

Bracelets represent the infinite cycle of relationship.  Infinite, meaning never ending, eternal.  Our handmade bracelet is another symbol of eternal relationship with self, others and the Universe.

We designed this bracelet with love, hoping that each one brings comfort, peace and strength to those that give it as a gift and for those to whom it is given.  The ring and bracelet are meant to be symbols of support from the giver to the receiver.  Combined with the healing crystals, these pieces are a powerful reminder that everything is energy.  We hope you feel these energies as you wear these gems.