Jewelry Care

Most of our jewelry is handmade.  Although our jewelry is not fine jewelry, it is still delicate and requires TLC.  We want you to be able to wear our jewelry for years.  We’ve provided tips below on how to care for your jewelry.

To care for and extend the life of your L&A jewelry, we recommend that you don’t swim, bath, shower or steam while wearing your jewelry.  You should avoid contact with chlorine, cosmetics, moisturizers, sun screen, lotions and perfumes.  We recommend that you put your jewelry on after you’ve showered and your moisturizers and cosmetics have been applied.

925 Sterling Silver can tarnish.  This is completely normal.  The best way to clean your sterling silver jewelry is with a polishing cloth.  You can find them on Amazon.

Our gold filled and gold vermeil chain is subject to wear and tear.  To clean your plated jewelry, use a polishing cloth to lightly wipe plated chain.  Avoid bumping or banging plated jewelry on hard surfaces as this will cause dents and scratches in the plating.  This can also lead the plating to chip.

Our stones and crystals are delicate with some more fragile than others.  To clean your crystals and stones, use a soft, lint-free cloth.  We don’t recommend using the polish cloth used on your chain to clean the stones or crystals.  You can dampen a cloth with warm water and lightly pat the stones to clean them.  Avoid dropping or tossing your jewelry pieces as the stones can and will break as they are fragile.

There are several ways to refresh or re-energize your stones.  Since your jewelry piece is made up of other components beside the stone, we recommend what we think is the least evasive method: moonlight.  You can set your jewelry piece on a window sill through the night to allow the piece to be exposed to the natural moonlight.  Moonlight is said to have a re-energizing effect on natural stones.

Magnetic Clasps – some of our jewelry has a magnetic clasp.  This allows for ease of wearing multiple ways and it’s very easy to clasp.  Wear jewelry with magnetic clasps with caution.  We don’t recommend wearing our pieces fastened with magnetic clasps if you’re going to be very physical active.

Clasping Charms – most of our charms are interchangeable.  We’ve made them this way so that you can mix and match your charms on any chain or bracelet.  Be sure to securely close the clap around the chain.  If not securely fastened, the charm may fall off the chain.